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What is a 4THD Medical informatics Systems?

Fourth Dimension Medical Informatics specializes in cutting-edge electronic clinical systems encompassing databases, studies, clinical trials, registries, as well as nationwide and global medical and health information platforms. Our state-of-the-art, intelligent remote medical informatics systems ensure the precise control, collection, processing, and analysis of designated medical data in real-time, employing a secure, accountable, and organized approach. This meticulous process allows for seamless tracking, automated analysis, and immediate approval by the medical community, establishing the outcomes as entirely trustworthy and reliable. Committed to adhering to the highest industry standards, all our electronic medical, clinical, and health industry support programs and products are meticulously designed in accordance with ICH/GCP guidelines and operate electronically under the stringent control of FDA 21 CFR Part-11, HIPAA, PHIPA, and ISO-27799 standards and procedures.


4THD INC presents an avant-garde, specialized medical information technology systems meticulously designed to automate and streamline all industry-related requirements, including researching standards and procedures. Our cutting-edge solution transforms each stage of studies, registries, or clinical trials into a more efficient, error-free, and easily manageable process. This results in impeccable protocol compliance, swift and precise data management, vigilant monitoring, thorough audits, multiple inspections, cross-check verification, and unparalleled real-time reporting and analysis – all conducted in strict adherence to relevant regulations and guidelines.


Our e-medical databases boast impenetrable firewalls and multiple layers of encryption. At the investigation sites, we offer innovative secured private portals featuring user-friendly interfaces and control panels that consolidate access to all logistics links in one convenient place. This includes functions such as “User Details,” “Fill New Records,” “Incomplete Records,” “Final Records,” “Other Users’ Records,” “Subject Follow-Ups,” “Reporting System,” “General Statistics,” “User Statistics,” and “Online Analysis.”


Our systems are constructed with components and functionalities to fulfill the diverse requirements of any study coordinating center. Key features include:

  • Guiding and training sites’ investigators
  • Subject eligibility and drop-down
  • Subject consent forms
  • PRFs/CRFs
  • Subject/Case follow-ups
  • SAE reporting
  • Subject data protection
  • Data management
  • Monitoring
  • Audits, verifications, and inspections
  • Real-time online data reports and statistical analysis

And many more functionalities to facilitate comprehensive study management. Embrace a solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technology with a user-centric approach, ensuring the success and efficiency of all medical databases, programs, and research endeavors.



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