Our Systems

4THD INC electronic medical researching systems are defined to be a hi-Tech intelligent remote medical informatics systems that accurately control, capture designated and decided-on medical data in a very secured, accountable & organized way; so, the data can be tracked, analyzed and all related outcomes are recognized & immediately approved by the international medical communities as trustworthy & reliable as the paper records.

A cutting-edge specialty medical I.T. systems that function and automate all industry related requirements of researching standards & procedures in a way to make each step of any given study, registry or clinical trial more efficient, human-error-free and easy to manage; resulting in a strict protocol compliance, clean, faster & assertive data management, close monitoring, precise audits, multiple inspections, cross-check verification,  & unsurpassed real time reporting and analysis while meeting all related regulations and guidelines is a matter of fact.

Our e-medical databases are firewalled and have a multiple layers of encryption. While at the investigation sites’ end, a state of the art secured private portals are developed with user-friendly interfaces & control panels that make the access to all Logistics’ links easier and all in one place: like “User Details”, “Fill New Records”, “Incomplete Records”, “Final Records”, “Other Users’ Records”, “Subject Follow-Ups”, “Reporting System”, “General Statistics”, User Statistics”,  & “Online Analysis”.

Our systems are built with a non compromised components & functionalities that fulfill all the requirements of any study coordinating center to help and/or manage the following:

– Guiding/Training sites’ investigators

– Subject eligibility & drop-down

– Subject consent form


– Subject/case follow-up

– SAE reporting

– Subject data protection

– Data management

– Monitoring

– Audits and inspections

– Real time on-line data reports and statistical analysis

– and many more…

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