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Needless to say that any healthcare authority or regulatory body, medical foundation or association, principal coordinating center, study group, or research medical center, pharmaceutical or medical technology/devices company, or any active scientific medical entity; should have an enough satisfactory reasons to choose and hire the most outstanding and competent e-research service provider. Driven from this fact and apart from our pioneering history in this industry as well as our rich e-medical research track record; there are many reasons to justify that, but here are a summary of the major 26 reasons:

1- Fourth Dimension is “Electronic Medical Research” Specialty Company; not only Clinical Research Organization, or Health Information System provider, or Information Technology Company. We are all in one.

2- We provide an A-Z Turn-Key online medical research systems:

Regardless of the fact who provide the study protocol, you or us; it will be turned into a complete a-z project starting from the branding (name, acronym, logo, slogan, complete write-up, complete artwork, themes, researching platforms, communication/interactive platforms, mailing system, study related electronic office on the web, reporting and analysis complete platforms… etc… What is left for you is to publish or submit your research/study results in the very same day or week the study is finished.

3- We have On-board team of medical & pharmaceutical consultants.

4- We have On-board team of Computer Engineers, System Engineers, Program Managers, and Project Managers.

5- We have On-board team of 4THD INC experienced e-Medical Database Administrators.

6- We have subject matter experts based employees’ structure; and this is how we protect our knowhow, and empower our systems & projects with uncompromised privacy & security measures.

7- We have different international time zones of management, administration and maintenance sites.

8- We use our own dedicated servers.

9- We guarantee an extremely safe data transactions, storage, and backend multi layer of encryption

10- We develop and operate an FDA 21-CFR-p11, HIPAA, PHIPA, & ISO 27799 compliant systems and projects.

11- 4THD INC system is designed and developed to enforce the guidelines and standards of the ICH – GCP

12- Second & 3rd layer of authentication technology is implemented for each and every investigator’s access to our systems regardless of his/her level of access or privileges.

13- We develop and operate an authorized countries – only – systems

14- We provide a smart monitoring & tracking of all logs, transactions, activities & all the online use of the data

15- We develop and operate a custom-designed systems & built per research/trial/study/registry

16- We guarantee an extremely user friendly & fast processing systems

17- We provide automated multiple versions of the system to be compatible with all browsers

18- We provide automated multiple versions of the system to be compatible with all types of terminals

19- We provide a fully automated edit checks, including sophisticated cross-form edits to clean all the data right at the point of entry

20- Our programmed Quality control features allow for double, triple, & quadruple data entry before it is final and locked, cross checked, verified & inspected for all captured case report forms & all other collected data

21- We secure a 24/7 granted access for authorized principal coordinating centers to their studies’ data tables at the backend

22- Our systems are developed to generate a real-time online reporting and analysis

23- Our systems have multi-layer and customized privileges of access.

24- We develop and provide special smart accounts for study/research sponsors to help in and automate managing, functioning and completing their financial and other related duties in precise and perfect way.

25- As a matter of fact, we guarantee a trustworthy, and reliable data transactions and outcome as exactly as hard copies or even better & ready for publishing

26- Our projects’ quoted costs are very reasonable.


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