How We Work

Fourth Dimension Electronic Medical Research Systems

Fourth Dimension electronic medical and pharmaceutical services Inc is the front line of the pioneering electronic medical research companies. We have the proper medical and scientific knowledge combined with the necessary state-of-the-art I.T. know-how, which is why; we are considered as the preferred partner to the medical and healthcare community.


How we work

No matter where your coordinating center or medical site physical location is. For better understanding of 4THD INC systems; we will arrange for you a special video teleconference meeting with streaming capacity that can hold up to 5 different countries’ attendees of 10 different locations each. All you need to have is a high speed internet.

Fourth Dimension Electronic Medical Research management team will brief you about the unique electronic medical researching technology, and answer all your questions, as well as to walk you through different virtual tours and demos of our e-medical studies.

For us, to have a crystalline clear understanding of your clinical project including all related A-to-Z needs and circumstances. Also, in order to issue your specifications and quotation documents. A special questionnaire that is tailor-made to your project will be sent to your end; to be answered fully and returned back to us.


4THD INC Questionnaire

From those worth mentioning questions included in our questionnaire are the following:

  • Name and acronym of your clinical study
  • Protocol title and version
  • Study type
  • Study design
  • Sponsor(s)
  • Patients’ population
  • Primary and secondary end points
  • Participating medical centers
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Principal investigator(s)
  • Steering committee
  • Co-investigator
  • Number of patients
  • Study phases and duration
  • Initial visit
  • Follow-up visits/frequency
  • Patient recruitment and fees (if Applicable)
  • Investigation fees (if any)
  • Study protocol (the final version)
  • Study variables
  • ….etc….

Time Needed For Developing Your Research

Based on the following parameters, the time needed for developing your electronic medical research system shall be declared:

  • The size of your project
  • The number of participated countries, regions, cities, and sites
  • Study phases / duration
  • The number of participated investigators
  • The number of participated subjects
  • How many case report forms
  • Number of visits,
  • Included procedures
  • Requested lab investigations
  • Medications
  • Courses in hospitals
  • Management
  • Requested Follow-ups
  • The rest of the e-clinical system Specs.

Besides that, Fourth Dimension Electronic Medical Research specifications and quotation document will be issued with a unique reference that should be referred to at all times starting from your approval date that will kick-off the start date of your project as well as the development and operation of your research, and ending by the last day last subject follow-up case reporting is done.


During the phase of development, 3 successive versions of the system will be released for training, QC, QA, and approval purposes.  Upon your final approval; the “Go-Live” date will be decided on, and this is when the second phase is starting by recruiting, consenting, capturing, processing, following, cross checking, inspecting, verifying, analyzing, etc…


Fourth Dimension Electronic Medical Research system will provide the results & reports on real-time basis at any given stage per any given sample size calculated for any decided on-period from first subject first visit to Last subject last visit & follow-up(s) to database Lock.

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