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Fourth Dimension electronic medical and pharmaceutical services Inc provides the healthcare industry with outstanding e-research total solutions and services that support the clinical sites, medical centers, medical associations, study groups, pharmaceutical companies and the research sponsors to gain deep understanding, extensive experience, and best practices & procedures in the studied diseases and their related therapies. In pharmaceutical drugs development, efficacy, safety and related research activities.  As well as in medical devices studies, development & related therapies. Resulting in having the right assessment of their current practice patterns & outcomes in order to enhance & improve their methods & procedures to:

–               Decrease the incidence of any given disease

–               Improve patients’ quality of life

–               Decrease Mortality rates

–               Lower healthcare costs

And many more..…

4THD INC major products and solutions:

1) E-Medical Research / Studies:
– Basic experimental & investigational studies
– Both interventional and non-interventional/observational Clinical studies:
– Epidemiological studies

2)E-Medical / Clinical Registries
A cutting-edge remote medical data capture and processing systems that function and automate data capturing of predefined variables connected to patients, diseases, therapies, practices, medications, medical procedures, or medical devices, etc….etc…..

Our e-research registries’ systems are programmed to follow the toughest industry related standard procedures in a way to make each step of any given registry more efficient, human-error-free and easy to manage; resulting in a strict protocol compliance and clean, faster & assertive data management, and easy monitoring, auditing, inspection & analysis while meeting all related regulations and guidelines is a matter of fact.

3)E-Clinical Trials    (Pharmaceutical Drugs [Phase 1, 2, 3, & 4])
An innovative electronic clinical trial researching systems developed to fulfill each and every requirement of the designated study protocol: (assessment, informed consents, demographics, physical exams, medical history, medications, vital signs, lab investigations, disease assessment, management, pharmacology, concomitant medications, adverse event assessment, Follow-up … etc..etc…).

4THD INC e-clinical trials are developed to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of technology, functionality, and security for both input & output modules.

At investigators’ sites, our system provides flexibility & rapid data entry even when connectivity options are less than ideal. Fully automated edit checks, including sophisticated cross-form edits, help to clean all the data right at the point of entry.

Our system will provide the results & reports on real-time basis at any given stage per any given sample size calculated for any decided on-period from first patient first visit to Last patient last visit & follow-up(s)  to database Lock.


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