Workshop :::: What type of Information needs to be secured in electronic health systems?


“As the clinical trials enable scientific discoveries to advance patient care; the security of electronic Health information enables the reliability, protects the privacy, and keeps the integrity of any given researching process and outcome, regardless of the study type (clinical study, trial or registry)”. Mohanned Abubaker said at the end of the workshop that was held at Fourth Dimension electronic medical and pharmaceutical services headquarters in Mississauga – Ontario – Canada on Monday and Tuesday the 2nd and 3rd of February 2020.

Hereunder is a summary of what have been discussed and concluded:

When it comes to electronic Health information security, it’s very important that we identify what type of information that needs to be secured and protected. On the contrary, if we elaborate more; we’ll find that in order to safeguard the subject matter privacy, study integrity, and to gain the 100% reliability of any given electronic medical research, it’s most probably we need to secure the A to Z information using the medical informatics’ industry toughest guidelines and standards with no exceptions whatsoever.

The type of information that needs to be secured:
– Printed information
– Written information
– Electronically collected information
– Electronically transmitted information
– Electronically stored information
– Electronically streamed information or shown on corporate videos and images
– Verbal – spoken in conversations information
Regardless of the form of information or means by which it is collected, processed, shared or stored, it should always be protected throughout the lifecycle of the information. This can be done by implementing an appropriate set of controls, including the industry standards, procedures, privacy guidelines, organizational structures and software and hardware functions. These controls need to be established, implemented, monitored, reviewed and improved, where necessary, to ensure that each and every specification and objective of the running study is met under the umbrella of the final version of its protocol.

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