Who We Are

Fourth Dimension electronic medical and pharmaceutical services Inc headquartered in Ontario/Canada is innovative electronic clinical research organization complementing medical and pharmaceutical communities with electronic medical researches, registries and clinical trials’ remote medical systems that are designed according to ICH/GCP guidelines and electronically operated & controlled according to FDA 21 CFR Part-11, HIPAA & ISO-27799 standards and guidelines.

Fourth Dimension electronic medical research Canada (4THD INC) was founded in September 2005 with a clear vision and mission by a group of experienced medical & pharma consultants.

We provide medical & pharmaceutical industries with hi-tech intelligent medical research, registries and clinical trials’ total solution quality remote medical systems & databases designed and controlled according to the toughest calibers and standards of the medical informatics industry that add artificial smart controls, security, speed and quality to every part of any running project or process.
Having our e-medical studies functioning based on each & every industry related standard procedure and guideline will make each step of any given research, registry, or trial processes more efficient and easier to manage.
As a result; we keep all captured date well organized and highly secured, while all study participated sites are well maintained & connected, and the protocol compliance is well-monitored; resulting in clean, faster & assertive data management, with close monitoring, precise audits, regular inspection and verification processes; that will -for sure- guarantee accurate and clean outcomes through our 24/7 real time data analysis and reporting systems.
4THD INC. Canada e-medical systems are the right and precise solution to satisfy the need for health authorities, medical communities, and pharmaceutical companies to understand the epidemiology & health conditions in local and/or international populations and the need for preventive measures to monitor, understand / improve therapies and to lower their costs.   Also, the need for greater operational efficiency in clinical drug development is paramount. This is why; it’s imperative -and the solution of choice- for any community oriented authorities, sponsors and study groups to develop and implement our e-medical systems.
At 4THD INC., we’re continuously building and improving our intelligent solutions for the health care industry where the health care system works to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. This is why; we aim to empower all the links included in such industry and system (medical authorities,  hospitals, study groups ,  Pharmaceutical companies) to achieve full potential & efficiency by monitoring, understanding, controlling, & improving health Sectors & realizing goals by having our e-medical products and consultancy services getting implemented to remarkably leading them the way to success. Thus, enabling Fourth Dimension Inc to occupy the leading position in the medical informatics industry.
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