Our Products and Services

Fourth Dimension Electronic Medical and Pharmaceutical Services Inc is a leading provider of comprehensive e-research solutions and services to the healthcare industry. Our offerings support clinical sites, medical centers, medical associations, study groups, pharmaceutical companies, and research sponsors in gaining profound insights, extensive experience, and implementing best practices and procedures in the study of diseases and related therapies. We specialize in pharmaceutical drug development, focusing on efficacy, safety, and related research activities, as well as medical devices studies, development, and associated therapies. Our commitment is to provide a thorough assessment of current practices and outcomes, enabling our clients to enhance and refine their methods and procedures to:

  • Decrease the incidence of diseases
  • Improve patients’ quality of life
  • Decrease mortality rates
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Enhance Medicine Advancements
  • Optimize Treatment Protocols
  • Improve Strategic Resource Allocation
  • Enhance Clinical Decision-Making
  • Induce Proactive Disease Prevention
  • Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Our major products and solutions include:

E-Medical Research / Studies:

  • Basic experimental and investigational studies
  • Both interventional and non-interventional/observational clinical studies
  • Epidemiological studies


E-Medical / Clinical Registries:

We offer cutting-edge remote medical data capture and processing systems designed to automate data capture for predefined variables related to patients, diseases, therapies, practices, medications, medical procedures, and devices. Our e-research registries adhere to industry-standard procedures, ensuring efficiency, human-error-free operations, and easy management. This results in strict protocol compliance, clean, faster, and assertive data management, and seamless monitoring, auditing, inspection, and analysis while meeting all relevant regulations and guidelines.


E-Clinical Trials (Pharmaceutical Drugs [Phase 1, 2, 3, & 4]):

Our innovative electronic clinical trial research systems are developed to meet every requirement of the designated study protocol, covering assessments, informed consents, demographics, physical exams, medical history, medications, vital signs, lab investigations, disease assessment, management, pharmacology, concomitant medications, adverse event assessment, and follow-up. Our e-clinical trials exceed client expectations in terms of technology, functionality, and security for both input and output modules.

At investigators’ sites, our system offers flexibility and rapid data entry, even in less-than-ideal connectivity scenarios. Fully automated edit checks, including sophisticated cross-form edits, ensure data cleanliness at the point of entry. Our system provides real-time results and reports at any stage, from the first patient’s visit to the last patient’s visit and follow-ups until database lock.


Patient Support Programs (PSP), and Therapeutics:

Fourth Dimensions excels in Patient Support Programs (PSP) and Therapeutics. With a proven track record, we stand as the preferred partner for both healthcare models, organization-centered or patient-centered (ecosystem). Our two decades of innovation and extensive expertise in this specialized sector of the industry set us apart.




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