Ten Profound Facts About 4THD INC e-medical research systems

Unparalleled Uniqueness:

An exclusive offerings of 4THD INC in the realm of e-medical projects, clinical studies, registries, and research systems. Featuring specifications and functionalities that set us apart. To witness firsthand, book a virtual tour by contacting us at eresearch@4thd.ca.


Tailored, Online-Based, and Remotely-Controlled Intelligent Medical Systems:

Our systems are meticulously crafted, offering custom-designed medical IT solutions, applications, databases, and capture/processor/analysis systems, with cutting-edge technology and heightened security. Accessible in real-time through encrypted channels, our solutions cater to authenticated users in various health directorates, study groups, associations, government bodies, clinics, hospitals, cities, regions, and countries.


Exceptional User-Friendliness and Flexibility:

The 4THD system stands out for its user-friendly interface and flexibility, ensuring swift operation even in less-than-ideal connectivity scenarios at investigation sites.


Tutorial Systems for Enhanced Efficiency:

Guiding all users and participants/investigators, our tutorial systems present easy-to-understand variables, case report forms, portals, and interfaces, enhancing overall efficiency.


State-of-the-Art Input/Output and Result-Oriented Systems:

Our e-medical, e-clinical, and e-health systems provide real-time outcomes, analysis, and reports tailored to specific user levels at any stage, based on medical data or sample size calculations for predetermined periods.


FDA 21 CFR-11 Compliance:

Adhering to FDA 21 CFR Part-11 guidelines, our systems maintain a comprehensive audit trail covering forms, versions, logs, time, e-signatures, events, and transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance.


Stringent Compliance Standards:

Our systems meet HIPAA, PHIPA, ISO 27799, and ICH/GCP guidelines, ensuring data security, privacy, and acceptance of clinical data by regulatory authorities.


Intelligent Systems with Triple E-Case Reporting Cross-Checks:

Our systems assist in submitting accurate data from the start, incorporating triple e-case reporting cross-checks.


Uninterrupted 24/7 System Maintenance with Exceptional Customer Care:

Experience uncompromised 24/7 system maintenance, supported by an unforgettable electronic customer care experience.


A Unique Analytical Tool:

Our system serves as a unique tool for assessing medical and clinical practice patterns versus outcomes, facilitating continuous improvement in methods and procedures. This significant step aims to decrease disease incidence, mortality rates, and healthcare costs while improving the quality of life for all patients.”

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