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Fourth Dimension Canada …. A state of the art specialty products in medical informatics.

4THD INC electronic medical projects are built per trial or registry. It is an online total solution medical capture and processor system.  It exceeds the expectations in terms of technology and security for both input and output modules.

Health care professionals can access our research systems on real time basis for all authenticated accounts. This is for any participated clinic, hospital, city, region, country, or group of countries.

At the investigators` sites, 4THD INC system is user friendly, flexible and provide rapid data entry even when connectivity options are less than ideal.

As guidance to all investigators and improvement to their efficiency, all 4THD INC systems are acting as tutorials and presented in a way to provide easy and simple to understand variables, case report forms and interfaces.

Conforming to FDA 21 CFR 11 guidelines,  we keep a complete audit trail of every form. This is including version changes, time and date when users log in and out. In addition to electronic signatures, tracking records of any study related events starting from user logging and ending by data locking .


Testimonials - Fourth Dimension e Medical Research Canada
  4th Dimension has created comprehensive clinical trial software that provides simple and complete data capture in a highly secure platform. Furthermore, the speed at which the software performs eliminates computer ‘glitches’ and frustrations that arise from relying on local network speed. One of the best features of this system is its ability to perform predetermined statistical analysis for creation of publication-ready figures which saves time. When I was introduced to the ...
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Our Products and Services

Products and Services- Fourth Dimension e Medical Research
Fourth Dimension electronic medical and pharmaceutical services Inc provides the healthcare industry with outstanding e-research total solutions and services that support the clinical sites, medical centers, medical associations, study groups, pharmaceutical companies and the research sponsors to gain deep understanding, extensive experience, and best practices & procedures in the studied diseases and their related therapies. In pharmaceutical drugs development, efficacy, safety and related ...
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Our Systems

Contact Us - Systems -Fourth Dimension e Medical Research Canada
4THD INC electronic medical researching systems are defined to be a hi-Tech intelligent remote medical informatics systems that accurately control, capture designated and decided-on medical data in a very secured, accountable & organized way; so, the data can be tracked, analyzed and all related outcomes are recognized & immediately approved by the international medical communities as trustworthy & reliable as the paper records. A cutting-edge specialty medical I.T. systems that f...
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Ten Profound Facts About 4THD INC e-medical research systems

Like Nothing Else: No other company is offering or can do what we do for the healthcare sector using our branded and distinctive 4THD INC e-medical research systems` specs and functionalities. Custom made, Online based & Remotely controlled intelligent systems: 4THD INC e-medical projects are Custom-designed and built per research / trial / study registry as a web based total solution medical IT databases’ capture, & processor systems that exceed the expectations in terms of...
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Who We Are

Fourth Dimension e-medical & pharmaceutical services Inc headquartered in Mississauga / Ontario-Canada, is innovative electronic clinical research organization complementing medical & pharmaceutical communities with electronic medical researches, registries and clinical trials’ remote medical systems designed according to ICH / GCP guidelines and electronically operated & controlled according to FDA 21 CFR Part-11, HIPAA & ISO-27799 standards and guidelines.   4THD INC...
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